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Young Adult Advisory Council

As US president John F. Kennedy famously never said: ‘Ask not what your library can do for you, ask what you can do for your library.’  

Now’s your chance to fulfill that destiny by becoming a member of West Chicago Public Library’s Young Adult Advisory Council.   

The Young Adult Advisory Council is right smack in the middle of teen offerings at the West Chicago Public Library District. They are a dedicated group of teens in 6th-12th grade who help make the library a teen-friendly place. 

The library is your space! It should be fun, interesting and above all a safe space for all teens. You could help us fill it with things that you enjoy, as well as resources that will help you in school and work. We’re looking forward to hearing your ideas and all the cool things you could contribute to the team.     

And you can earn volunteer credit for school and other groups, like the National Honor Society.  

YAAC meets once a month, usually on the first Tuesday of each month.  From those meetings, we plan more volunteer opportunities for events, like Trunk ‘r’ Treat or the Holiday Open House.   

It’s easy to join; stop by the Reference Desk on the second floor to fill out a paper copy and submit it in person to a Librarian. Nate will let you know when you’ve been accepted. Then we can get to the serious stuff. Like the secret handshake! 




Click here or use the button below to apply by filling out and submitting this form and Nate will respond via email. You (or your folks) may see this link in our biweekly e-newsletters as well. 


  • Must be in 6th – 12th grade 
  • Regularly attend council meetings (please let us know if you need to miss any)   
  • Attend at least two young adult programs per year 
  • Participate in the summer reading program 
  • No lizard-people please. We had one on the council once, and tbh, we can’t afford the heat lamps. 

Apply to YAAC today to make a difference in YOUR community, to get volunteer hours, and to make the library a better place for you. Come on, it’ll be easier than your college applications*! 

*Probably? Idk, we’re librarians, not guidance counselors!