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Test Proctoring

Can I take tests or exams at the West Chicago Public Library (WCPLD)? Yes, WCPLD offers test proctoring services at no charge to West Chicago residents. The process for taking a test at the library can be completed in four easy steps. 


  1. The student must contact the library at least one week before the test deadline by email ( or phone (630-231-1552, x124). Proctoring services depend on staff and room availability, so make arrangements in advance to ensure you can take your test! Proctoring is limited to 3 exams per person, per month. Exams may not exceed 3 hours in length and must be completed 30 minutes before closing.
  2. Students are responsible for providing their school with contact information for the library.  Your school and teachers may need to give the library information about the test and any restrictions for the exam period (for example, no cell phones or calculators during the test).
  3. The student will arrive at or before the scheduled testing time with a your government-issued photo ID and any materials needed and allowed for the test (pencils, etc.). After verifying your ID, we will provide the test and inform/remind you of any restrictions. The proctor will be in the room with the student at all times during the test and will monitor the time allotted for the exam. 
  4. We will collect your finished exam and scan/email or fax it to your school. If your school requires a physical copy of the exam also, we will mail it to the school for you! 


There is no fee for proctoring services at the West Chicago Public Library; however, if the school requires that a hard copy of the finished exam be mailed, we require the test-taker to supply a 9″ x 12″ envelope and postage. Now you know how the test proctoring process works at the West Chicago Public Library District! If you have additional questions, contact us by sending an email to, giving us a call at 1-(630)-231-1552, or dropping by in person. See you at the library!

Please note: The West Chicago Public Library is located in DuPage County, 30 miles west of the city of Chicago.