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Is a book or other item you’re looking for not in our collection? Do you think it’s something we should have? If so, please fill out the purchase request form below; we will evaluate your suggestion and we may add your choice to the collection! If the requested material is a new release and we think it would be appropriate for our collection, we will purchase it and reserve a copy for you.   

What you want to read is at the core of our collection development philosophy. When we purchase new materials, we always start with what our community seems to check out most, but getting requests directly from patrons like you helps us to make this collection reflect the West Chicago community. Even though we try to anticipate what our readers would like in their library collection, getting direct feedback from the community on how we should expand our collection helps us do our jobs even better.  

Please note, if your request is for an older title and/or highly specific or academic (a book about electrical installation on ocean liners, for example), we will most likely request an interlibrary loan from another library for you instead of purchasing the book for the collection. Our interlibrary loan network reaches across the nation, so we can probably find a copy of what you’re looking for! 

If you would like to suggest a purchase to the West Chicago Public Library District, please fill out and submit the form below: 

Suggest a Purchase

Form for patrons to submit requests for purchasing materials that would fit into the library collection.

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What is the title of the material you would like to suggest we purchase?
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If you know the ISBN for the resource you are requesting we add to the collection, it could help us more easily find it for you!
Please leave contact information if you would like any follow-up on your request.
Please leave contact information if you would like any follow-up on your request.
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