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Library Tech

The West Chicago Public Library is more than just a repository of books; it’s a dynamic space where technology, creativity, and community converge, with dedicated professionals ready to help you.

Discover the wide range of resources and services we offer, catered to your education, technology, and creative needs.  

Our Public Computers 

WCPLD offers public computers, equipped with high-speed internet and a suite of essential software in both the adult services and youth services departments. Whether you’re working on a research project, refining your resume, simply browsing the web, or many other uses you could imagine, our computer stations could be a comfortable and conducive environment for all your computing needs. 

Printing Services and Mobile Printing 

Experience seamless printing services at the West Chicago Public Library. Our equipment allows you to print, copy, or fax in either black and white/grayscale or full color! Additionally, take advantage of our mobile printing feature, enabling you to print from your own device and pick up your documents at your convenience. 

Library of Things Collection 

Jump into our innovative Library of Things (LoT) collection, where learning and exploration extend beyond books. Borrow from an eclectic array of items, including tech gadgets, board games, outdoor equipment, and more. With our library of things, you could discover new hobbies, enhance your skills or talents, and make the most of your library visit by exploring the unconventional and exciting offerings in our Library of Things. With our LoT collection, you could even try out some tools or toys before committing to a purchase. This is just another way a library card could save you money! 

Computer Instruction 

From beginner basics to advanced skills, our librarians could guide you through the intricacies of a variety of technologies and tools, helping you find your confidence navigating software. With help from the library, you could maintain your skills to stay relevant and competitive in today’s tech-driven world with our computer instruction programs. 

Tech Help 

Do you have tech problems? We may have your tech solution! We could help demystify the complexities of technology with our dedicated Tech Help service. You could schedule a one-on-one session with our knowledgeable staff to troubleshoot issues, learn new skills, or receive personalized guidance on your devices. From smartphones to laptops, our librarians are here to enhance your proficiency and guide you in your technology journey.