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Welcome to the West Chicago Public Library! Here at WCPLD, we strive to be a beacon of knowledge and community nestled in the heart of West Chicago, leading local engagement.

Our library is more than just a place to borrow books; the library can be a dynamic community hub, working to meet the diverse needs of West Chicagoans through personalized exploration, curated collections, and innovative services. Together, let’s explore the wealth of resources and engaging programs we offer, just for you. 

Embark on an Enriching Journey: Personalized Librarian Sessions and Beyond

Embark on your intellectual expedition with librarian sessions tailored to your needs. This exclusive service connects you with a knowledgeable librarian who will expertly navigate our extensive assortment of books, databases, computer technology, and resources. Regardless of whether you are an adept scholar or a novice explorer, these personalized sessions serve as invaluable tools to help unravel the limitless realm of literature and technology that await your discovery.  

Drop by the library and reserve a spot that caters to your specific desires, whether it’s a serene section for concentrated tasks, an interactive space for technology use, or a conference room for collaboration. Our flexible spaces could be used in any number of ways, the limit is your imagination, with our rooms and public space created to transform into your individual reading haven, workspace, research center, school, makerspace, literary escape, and much more!

Break geographical barriers with our interlibrary loan service, a key to almost any knowledge you would seek, all for free. As you borrow materials from diverse sources, the library transforms into your passport, allowing you to explore an array of knowledge beyond our physical shelves. With a local library card and the help of our staff, you could access almost any information that has ever existed, from anywhere in the world, right here in Northwest DuPage County!

Interlibrary Loans

Immerse yourself in our carefully curated collections, each thoughtfully compiled with your favorite authors in mind. This personalized service could help our collection reach out to you from the shelves; you have the power to shape our collection by requesting special reading lists, favorite authors lists, or by suggesting new purchases for the collection. Your suggestions could contribute to our growth and ensure that the contents of our shelves resonate with the diverse interests of our community. Our collection is, and will remain, a reflection of what the West Chicago community likes to read.

Favorite Authors

Beyond literature, our library offers some practical support through FREE notary services in DuPage County. Our dedicated notary hours provide a convenient solution for many (though not all) legal forms and official documents. More than just books, our licensed notary publics could help you with many different types of document notarization needs, from basic affadvaits, passport applications, and contracts, to leases, trusts, power of attorney documents, and more!

Notary Services

As part of our commitment to education in the West Chicago community, we offer secure test proctoring services. We could provide you an environment conducive to focus and success, supporting your academic aspirations. Many test-proctoring locations and services will charge you for supervision, but here at WCPLD, it’s just another powerful opportunity we offer to patrons.

Test Proctoring

The West Chicago Public Library transcends its physical boundaries, serving as a dynamic center that actively interacts with the community it serves. By offering an extensive range of outreach initiatives and hosting diverse events, we strive to foster a sense of unity among local residents through the shared use of library resources. We want to help you forge bonds with your neighbors, empower you to learn, teach, experiment, and have fun in your community!


Enhance your cultural experiences through the Explore More Illinois initiative and Museum Adventure Pass Program. These programs could help open doors to recreational and cultural opportunities far beyond traditional library offerings. The Chicagoland area is home to an incredible roster of Museums, cultural and historic landmarks, and unique activities. Just as we are committed to providing free information and resources within the library, we offer West Chicago families the opportunity to use our Explore More Illinois and Museum Adventure Pass resources to access all that Illinois has to offer for FREE!

In the era of AI generated articles, and uncertainty of what is true at every corner, we offer databases on the cutting edge of human knowledge. With information ranging across almost every subject, our digital databases could help you find the answers you seek from anywhere, all with your library card. More than just research databases though, we also offer e-books, digital reading programs, audiobooks, and so much more. This digital realm could open new avenues for learning, right at your fingertips, making the library accessible anytime, anywhere. 

Our library caters to diverse interests, from a music collection spanning genres and artists to special collections meticulously curated for enthusiasts. These offerings reflect our commitment to inclusivity, ensuring there’s something for every member of our vibrant community. Be sure to check out our library provided music streaming service, Freegal! If you’re having trouble finding the resource or content you like, you could ask a staff member to help you borrow it from another library in our consortium, around the world, or put in a purchase order for your requested item! 

Recognizing the linguistic diversity within our community, we’ve curated resources and programs specifically designed for ESL learners. This initiative embodies our dedication to inclusion, ensuring that every member feels welcomed and supported in their language-learning journey. Our library could serve as a bridge, connecting people of different linguistic backgrounds through the common thread of knowledge in our shared community space. 

Technology is now completely woven into our daily lives, but access is not always equitable. WCPLD offers free access to public computers for research, job applications, and internet use. You could take advantage of our comprehensive printing, copying, scanning, and faxing services, meeting your technological needs seamlessly. The library could be your gateway to the digital world, providing the tools necessary for success. 

Borrowing at the West Chicago Public Library goes beyond books. Immerse yourself in our innovative Library of Things, where you can borrow unique items to enjoy a new experience, try a product before buying it, or using a tool that you don’t want to buy at all. Our Library of Things offers even more experiences to patrons and families at no cost. From wi-fi hotspots, to a telescope kit; gardening gear to tools for working on cars, the library may have exactly what you need. 

Your library is much more than just a building and some books. We are standing by, ready to be your research team, homework help, meeting place, entertainers, teachers, students, lab assistantstechnology facilitators, collaborative partners, and so much more. How could we help you make the most of today? How could WCPLD help you level up your life? Let’s find out together. See you at the library!