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Public Computers

The West Chicago Public Library District (WCPLD) provides public use computers in both the Adult and Youth departments. Adults over 18 and young patrons 12-17 years of age (with a signed Internet approval from a parent), should use the computers in our Adult Services Department. Those accompanied by children under 12 are asked to go to the Youth Services Department. Children under 12 may access the internet in the Youth Services Department with direct parent or guardian supervision.  

Users with a valid library card may enjoy 60-minute computer sessions, with the flexibility to extend it until another patron places a reservation on that computer. Adults without a library card are still able to access computers at WCPLD by obtaining a guest pass with a valid photo ID.  

With digital literacy being an essential 21st century skill, we offer a variety of basic computer classes to provide individuals with essential skills for navigating the digital landscape. Our classes cover such topics as how to sign up for an email, how to use Microsoft Word and Excel, and general internet safety. In the past, we have also offered classes on building your own Personal Computer and a bevy of other tech topics. If there are technology and computer literacy topics you would like to see us offer a program about, or you have a specific technological issue you need help with, get in touch with us and we’ll let you know how we could help! Whether you’re seeking information, honing your skills, or simply staying connected, our public use computers and educational resources are tailored to meet your needs, fostering a technologically empowered community at the heart of West Chicago. 

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