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Experience a different way of adding books to your “to-be-read” pile with the West Chicago Public Library’s Favorite Authors program, a service designed to improve the reading experience for our valued West Chicago cardholders. Do you have trouble keeping track of new releases by James Patterson or Janet Evanovich? Let us do it for you! Create a customized list of up to ten favorite authors; when we purchase new materials by those authors, we will reserve a copy for you automatically. This means you could reserve the newest books from your favorite authors before they even hit the shelves!  


To start customizing your reading experience, simply peruse our carefully curated list of authors and mark your top 10 preferences. Our system will then work its magic, placing holds on upcoming titles, getting you a front-row seat for the latest releases. 

For fairness, the order of holds for new Favorite Author titles is determined at random so each participating cardholder receives an equal chance to obtain their most desired reads. For more information, email, give us a call at (630)-231-1552, x122, or drop by in person. Fill out the form below to begin your custom Favorite Authors reading program today! 

Favorite Authors Service

A form for people to submit their entries and enroll in the "Favorite Authors" service.

Please enter a number from 00000001 to 99999999999999999.
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You may choose up to 10 authors.