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Notary Services

Free Notary Services in West Chicago 

Did you know you could get easy access to free public notary services right here at the West Chicago Public Library? In compliance with Illinois notarial legislation, our authorized personnel are prepared to help you with many of your notary needs at no cost! Not all staff members are qualified notaries public, so we recommend calling ahead to make sure a notary will be available when you wish to come in. 

Document Authenticity 

If a document or set of circumstances raises questions about authenticity, ambiguity, doubt, or uncertainty, Library Notaries have the right to refuse service, just as any other notary public would.  

Visit West Chicago Public Library for reliable and free notary services, and please contact us with any questions. Although the library cannot guarantee that a notary will be immediately available for a drop-in appointment, scheduling an appointment ahead of time through the form at the bottom of the page or by calling us at 630-231-1552 could help you get your documents notarized sooner! 

More Information About Notary Services at WCPLD

  • Patrons must present a current (non-expired) government-issued identification that includes a photo and signature before notarization can take place. 
  • Notaries are bound by the notary laws of Illinois and are unable to notarize papers that do not follow these rules. 
  • Notaries are not permitted to give legal counsel about document notarization. 
  • Neither the library nor its users may request witnesses while they are there. Witnesses must have a valid photo ID and be personally acquainted with the person whose document is being notarized. 
  • Notaries are not permitted to speak with clients through a translator. 
  • Notaries are unable to certify signatures or copies of papers. 
  • Deeds, mortgages, refinancing paperwork, and the Government I-9 form/Employment Eligibility Verification are not eligible for notary services. 
  • Cook County real estate transactions (AKA document of conveyance) 
  • I-9 Forms – Due to our employer’s policy, we’re unable to fill out or notarize I-9 forms as an authorized representative. 
  • Vital records – Birth, death, marriage, or divorce certificates and citizenship or naturalization certificates. You must request a certified copy from the county clerk, local registrar, or state Department of Public Health/Vital Records. 
  • School records – Only the school registrar has the authority to provide certified copies of student records. They must have a school seal and a tamper proof envelope, so these must be requested directly from your school. 
  • Military IDs or government common access cards (CAC) 
  • IRS tax returns – The IRS can provide certified copies of tax returns or a free tax transcript.