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One World Many Stories

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Join us at the West Chicago Public Library for our 2023 Summer Reading Program Kickoff on Saturday, June 10th, 1-3:00 pm. Our theme this year is One World, Many Stories. We are highlighting the diversity of stories, voices, and experiences that make our community, and the universality of telling stories across cultures. One thing is for sure in this world of many stories, there is a story for everyone at the library whether you are a kid, teen, or adult!

Come to the library for our Summer Reading Program kickoff to learn a bit more about diverse cultures around the globe, see some amazing dances from the Polynesian peoples of Hawaii (performed by Hula O Puanani), and taste some appetizers inspired by food traditions from other cultures and nations.

All patrons who register for summer reading and attend the kickoff event will be entered into a drawing for a gift basket related to our theme, One World, Many Stories/Un Mundo, Muchas Historias. There will also be a parrot craft for the kids to make at the kickoff event.

Summer Reading Program FAQs

You must register through Beanstack for your hours to officially count!
Unfortunately, no, you cannot. Each participant will need their own library card to register on Beanstack in order to be eligible to participate in the Summer Reading Program and receive prizes or be entered in the drawings for grand prizes.
You do need a library card to register on Beanstack and for your hours read to count. You can stop by the library to get a new card, or register online through this link!
Completion prizes and your entry for the grand prize drawings are only available after June 11th, as only hours read between June 10th and August 5th will count towards your final hours tally!

The 2023 Adult Services Summer Reading Program at West Chicago Public Library asks patrons to dive into 15 hours of stories from around the world (though of course you can read whatever you like) and record your reading time for a prize! You will also be entered into the grand prize drawing with winners announced at the end of the program in August. Prizes only available while supplies last, so start reading as soon as the program starts on June 10th!

Ingresa tus horas en Beanstack. ¡Una vez que hayas completado 15 horas, puedes recoger tu premio de finalización en los servicios de adultos! (Hasta agotar existencias.)

Register for Beanstack here to start your journey through the many stories our one world has to offer!

You can also print out your tracker at home, or the library

Have you caught the travel bug? Do you dream of spanning the globe and exploring new cultures and fascinating places? Then the 2023 Young Adult Summer Reading Program at the West Chicago Public Library may be for you. The theme this year is One World, Many Stories/Un Mundo, Muchas Historias, so register to log your hours on Beanstack with your library card, grab a book, and “visit” somewhere else in the world this summer!

Reading over the summer could help you retain valuable skills learned during the school year, expand your vocabulary, and expand your horizons by reading any of the many stories from all around our planet. Teens have their own special program at the West Chicago Public Library District for summer reading, apart from the Adult and Youth Programs, so drop by the library today or register online to get started!

The 2023 Young Adult Summer Reading Program at West Chicago Public Library is encouraging teens 6th to 12th grade to read 15 hours between June 10th and August 5th. Once completed, teens can come to the library to collect a prize along with a free entry in a drawing for the grand prizes! Prizes are only available while supplies last, so begin your journey today and check out our event/program calendar to learn more about events just for teens happening over the course of the summer. You can find more events happening at the library in our mailed program guide and our biweekly program emails, and following us on Facebook and Instagram. If you don’t have a copy of the program guide, you can stop by the library to grab an extra. See you at the library!

Make sure you register and log your hours on Beanstack, otherwise, your Summer Reading Program hours won’t count!

The 2023 Youth Summer Reading Program at the West Chicago Public Library is a great way for kids to keep reading over the summer, even after school has gotten out. For even younger readers, engaging with books together is a key way of developing your child into an avid reader. Reading over the summer can not only help kids maintain the progress they made in school, but also cultivate social-emotional development and empathy. Start your youngsters on an “around the world” journey to see just how many stories this planet can offer them!

Some studies estimate that children who do not read over the summer could find themselves behind in reading development as much as two months, making the already stressful return to school more difficult. Helping your child complete a Summer Reading Program is not only a great way to keep them entertained and occupied over the summer, but it is also a great way to strengthen their skills, potentially helping them when they return to the classroom in fall.

If you have any additional questions about the Youth Summer Reading Program, please contact us! Please also check out the Adult and Young Adult (teen) programs as well so the whole family can join in the Prizes are only available as long as supplies last, so the sooner you take off on your Summer Reading 2023 journey, the sooner you will be eligible to receive your prize. Make sure to check our calendar of events/programs to see what other fun is available at the library over the next few months. Events are also published in our quarterly program guide and are covered in our biweekly emails. You can also keep up to date with what’s happening at the library and stay in touch with us via Facebook and Instagram. See you at the library!  fun!

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