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Strategic ESL Program in West Chicago

As laid out in our Strategic Plan, the Library Board of Trustees tasked the library with creating and implementing an English as a Second Language (ESL) program to help promote English language fluency in the West Chicago Community. We are proud to report that the library has partnered with the College of DuPage and Literacy DuPage to provide our ESL Learning Circle program. This is an informal gathering of people who are looking to improve their English fluency and speaking. They group members meet and practice what they can in a mutually supportive environment, acting as a class cadre, forming community bonds where group members can help each other along their language journey.

The first session of ESL learning circle took place from May 18th to June 22nd of 2023 and had 23 total attendees. The second session will start in Autumn 2023. In addition to the informal ESL learning circle, starting in January of 2024, the library will offer a general English Language Arts class from Literacy DuPage on Saturdays. It is estimated that 128,000 DuPage County residents have subpar english skills and that is why Literacy DuPage has paired with WCPLD and other community partners to try to lower that number and help our neighbors any way we can. For more information on programs at the library with Literacy DuPage, keep an eye on our calendar of events. See you at the library!